Wine tasting tour in Sweden

This year we have Stephan and Florence from the La Grange De Bouyes winery who make magical biodynamic wines. What a success it was! They appreciated Stephane’s knowledge of the difference between conventional, organic and biodynamic wines and the opportunity to shake hands with the winemaker himself and try his wines. We visited Copenhagen, Malmö, Båstad, Gothenburg and Stockholm. In all, we did 10 wine tastings and met over 300 people. We have chosen to keep each tasting small and familiar, so that you can really meet the winemaker and have time to ask all your questions. The wine tastings have either been a pure tasting or we have combined them with a real French apéro or a winemakers’ dinner. We have chosen to work with really good restaurants that have the same great atmosphere as you will find at La Belle Vue.

You can of course buy our wines from La Grange de Bouyes even now, just email and he will be happy to help you.<

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