A place to be

Enjoy life, laugh together, rest body and soul, hang out with friends and yourself, gain perspective. Welcome to our B&B in the small village of Neffiés in the south of France. It is located right in the heart of Languedoc’s wine region and with only half an hour’s drive to the Mediterranean. It is our home and we hope that it will also become your home for a while. With personally decorated guest rooms, tailor-made services and our experience at your disposal, we offer accommodation for those who love to travel in a different way.

Enjoy our personally decorated rooms

Yoga retreats

Come and enjoy wonderful days with a focus on yoga! We will alternate yoga and meditation with good dinners, visits to vineyards, markets and stroll in small lovely villages.

Wine trips

Languedoc is not only the world’s largest wine region but also the “hottest” wine region in France. Welcome on a pleasure trip with the region’s fantastic wines, our favorite restaurants and life in a small French village. Here you get to shake hands with the winemakers themselves and learn all about wine.

Le Bon Vin – Wines to your front door

Do you want to enjoy Languedoc’s best wines in your home? We have selected some of the best winemakers, small independent winemakers who make artisanal wines. Read more here and subscribe to our wine newsletter.

Wine tasting tour in Sweden

While waiting for you to come here and taste our wines, we simply come to you! Every year we bring one of our winemakers and make a small tour through Sweden where you can taste the vineyard’s wines and also come for a French apero or winemakers dinner at one of the restaurants we work with.

Our village and its surroundings

Located in the beautiful Languedoc region in the south of France, Neffiés is known as France’s hidden Riviera. The village dates back to the 12th century and has always had around 1,000 inhabitants, today we are from 20 different countries. It is known to be open, pleasant and very friendly. Everyone greets each other in the street, young and old, and at the baker’s in the morning they discuss the big questions of life, some small talk and friendly questions about how they are doing and whether our guests are happy in the village.

Enjoy breakfast and dinner with miles-long views of the vineyards

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