Something for everyone

THE SURROUNDINGS OF LANGUEDOC offer many different experiences. Here you can enjoy quiet days by the sea, in the shade of a restaurant, stroll in old villages or why not a more active holiday. There are plenty of bike paths, runs, climbing, hiking trails, canoeing and much more. Of course, good wine and fantastic food. We literally live in the world’s largest wine region and French cuisine, yes it’s just absolutely wonderful. Languedoc is at the forefront of organic wines and we highly recommend that you try. We collaborate with some of the area’s absolute best wine producers and usually make sure that our guests have the opportunity to visit them.

Here you can also find everything from restaurants with stars in the Michelin Guide (6 in the area) to small local taverns with absolutely fantastic food. Along the coast, oysters are grown, shellfish are fished and Noilly Prat is produced. During spring and autumn, we organize theme trips around yoga, wine and food, antiques and interior design, as well as some other things.


We live in Tour de France country and the race some years goes right through our village. There are endless possibilities for cycling here, simple lovely rounds, challenging mountain passes or mountain bike rounds, everyone can find their level. You can either rent our quality bikes with 7 or 14 gears or we will help you rent a more advanced bike if you do not bring your own of course. We are happy to help you plan your bike rides, whether it is a trip among the vineyards or longer trips on all the magical little roads that are here.

We make sure you have food and drink along the way if you do not want to slip into one of the countless village restaurants and bars that you find almost everywhere.


Here are absolutely magical hikes among the vineyards, up in the wild landscape called “garrigue” or perhaps along the beach. Flat or hilly, you choose. Micke has a career as a runner at the Swedish Championship level behind him and has competed in the 400 and 800 meters, he is also a trained sports teacher at GIH. If you want, he will be happy to help you with some running training, set up training programs or give general tips on training. Yvonne is the one who keeps track of good everyday runs.


Pezenas is one of France’s most famous antiques villages and has more than 50 traders on the antique street. In addition, there are several antique markets and exciting “flea markets” in the area. Yvonne has previously started and managed an interior design store in Stockholm with a focus on French furniture and antique painting. For many years she has travelled around France and bought furniture, antique linen and curiosities and created a large network and know-how. She is happy to guide you around, show you her favorite places, negotiate the best price and is a bit of a specialist in smuggling crystal chandeliers into your hand luggage. If you don’t manage to stow it in your hand luggage, we will help arrange the transport. Twice a year there is a large antique market in Pezenas, as 150 ariquetraders make the city a real bargain mecca. Then we take the opportunity to have “Antique theme” and inspirational lectures on interior design.

Celebrating birthdays other events

Come and celebrate with us! Bring your guests and come and celebrate your special days here. We arrange the party, decorations, food and a wonderful program during the days you are here. If we do not cook the food for you, we can book you in one of our restaurants or the chef will come here and cook on site. If you need more beds than we have, there are a couple more chambre d’hotes that we work with in the village. We will make your special days become something you will always remember with love and joy!

Trips with your friends

Bring your friends, neighbors, bridal shower or your work colleagues on an enjoyable trip with us. We tailor your days here and fill them with the activities that suit you best.

We are happy to serve you a welcome drink and dinner when you come if you wish. According to your wishes, we have planned wine tastings at a few selected wineries, bike tours with picnic baskets, everything in your desired pace. We make sure you can visit local markets and book dinner tables at local restaurants. In short, we guide you to our favorite places.

Maybe you just want to relax and hang out in the quiet calm here for a few days. Make time to talk, sip a glass of wine while enjoying the view, hang out by the pool and eat fantastic meals at our restaurants in the village.

Whatever you choose to do, bring your friends and come here and enjoy!

Working trips

Bring your colleagues, customers or others you work with for the kickoff or conference here. Here you can work in peace and quiet and at the same time enjoy the surroundings and everything that is down here. We are happy to arrange excursions, wine tastings, book restaurants or anything else that you wish.