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Languedoc is the world’s largest and perhaps also the world’s most underrated wine region. Here 40% of France’s wines are produced and you will find both white, red, rosé, orange, sparkling and dessert wines in the range. When you come to Languedoc, you are struck by the endless vineyards everywhere you turn. They undulate across the hilly landscape and create a beautiful patchwork quilt with stringy rows of vines.

A lot has happened in Languedoc in the last 30 years and from being an area that produced simple table wines of mediocre quality, to today being one of the world’s most exciting areas in terms of quality wines and above all organic / biodynamic / natural wines. It is often said that it is the new world of the old world.

Our wines

We work with small independent winemakers who make artisanal wines free from unnecessary additives and hocus pocus. Just really good, honest wines made with great care and love.

When we moved down six years ago, we were real novices when it came to wine, geez what a journey we have been on. Over time, we have learned to understand the difference between wine and wine. We have had the privilege of being able to follow our winemaker friends in their work over the years and seen how much work and knowledge there is behind a really good wine. So do not hesitate to ask us questions about our wines, how to best serve them, with what food and what differentiates them.

Those of you who have already visited us may recognize some of the winemakers because many of you have visited them and been able to shake hands with the winemaker himself. Those of you who have not had that opportunity will of course be able to do so when you come here.

The idea is that this should be like a small wine club. Here you will be able to meet the winemakers, expand your wine knowledge and order home wines that you will not find anywhere else. Of course, you can invite your friends if you want.

Here you can subscribe to our newsletter about our wines and if you have questions or want to order, contact Micke directly at He is happy to help you while waiting for our website and online store about our wines to be ready. We only ship to Sweden and Denmark.

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