Food and wine tour 11-15 April

Welcome to a four-day food, wine and lifestyle journey!

Languedoc is now one of the ‘hottest’ wine regions in France. It is the largest in area in the world and was previously known as a producer of simple table wines. Today, this region is one of the most dynamic, not only in France but in the world. It is home to many new, young, ambitious and forward-thinking wine producers. A modern environmental approach combined with fresh and creative experimentation means that today unique and characterful wines of the highest quality are produced here that you can still afford to buy!

The Languedoc is also known to be the best area in France for the availability of good produce. We have plenty of markets with local producers, not to mention the Etang de Thau, which grows some of the best oysters and mussels in France.

The idea is that the renowned chef Robert Dahlman Hallgren will be our cicerone for a few days with us. He guides us in the world of food, we go to the market together and buy ingredients, visit vineyards, learn about food and how to bring out the fine flavors, which wine goes with which food and generally have fun together.

For a few days with Robert, we will discover and explore the art of cooking, that it should not be so complicated, that through really good ingredients and with pure fine flavors as a base, you can create incredible food experiences.

Robert has a long track record from both the three-star restaurant Frantzén, the prestigious hotel Ett hem, Racine in London and the French-inspired restaurant Delikatessen in Stockholm and, like us, runs a wine import to Sweden.

This is how he describes his cooking;

“Min matlagning grundar sig i råvarorna och miljön runt omkring mig. I like to keep it simple, and I like to cook food with strong flavors that go well with wine. Interesting combinations and flavors can go a long way with a few simple ingredients.

France is a country close to my heart and with a wife who is French and our French home in Burgundy, I have started to feel at home there. But also in large part because of the amazing produce, wines and culture around food and meals. I love the craft of cooking and eating and laughing with my guests is one of the best things I know”.

So join us for a few days and enjoy good food, good wine and French life!

The price for the food and wine tour will be €1,350 for sharing a double room (single room €1,790).

The price includes accommodation including breakfast, transfer Montpellier-Neffies, transportation all days, welcome dinner, planning shopping and cooking with Robert for two dinners and a lunch and a vineyard visit where we meet the winemaker in person and get to try the farm’s wines.

Plus two lunches during market visits, a dinner at the village bistro and your travel costs to Montpellier.

Vi har endast sex rum och max 12 personer, allt för att vi skall vara en liten grupp och att Robert hinner med att guida oss alla var och en i vår egen utveckling.

We wish you a warm welcome! Yvonne, Micke and Robert

There are only two rooms left on this trip.

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